This track was recorded in one short session on 5/6/11. We recorded the sax and drums together live, added the synths, bass clarinet, sampler back at the studio, put together a mix, and kept moving.
This is the only thing we've done quite like this. Thanks to a bunch of passes on the trombone from tucker dulin, we get into an odd place here. "gsjm" came together gradually, beginning with sax and synths played over a drum loop (not audible in the final mix). Then the trombones were added, recorded in the vault at 14 Wall St (see pic below). The drums were the last thing recorded, phrasing with the entire orchestration. A lot of our music uses this sort of layering process. Often some of the first layers don't make it to the final mix. This can give the music a larger spread and range without making it too dense or arbitrarily disjointed. I've been known to use this choir sample -on an old EPS 12bit keyboard sampler- way too much, but I think it works here.

Forgot about this record entirely. This one is inspired by one of the 2 for $1 DVD movies that we picked up at our local dollar store. The DVD has four films on it, the best of which, "voyage to a prehistoric planet" has some amazing moments. After a bit of research, it turns out the film was made by some "C" movie producers out in LA who purchased reels of unfinished sci-fi footage from a Russian production, dubbed those scenes into english, and added some new ones. It makes for a great night of drunken movie watching. We worked off this idea musically, trying to keep everything very lofi and raw. The record came out of two days of studio jams. We put it together quickly, added some bits from the original film, and that was it. Usually our process is a lot more involved, but this one was really direct.

going through the stacks. this is the opening track from our 2008 EP "WINNING ON ALL FRONTS".

setting up for the spei res sessions, check back for the upcoming release on DRAFT records

percussion session last summer in New Paltz

the vault on wall st - sax recording session for, 2010